Seiko Mikami

[Short lines of Biography] Seiko Mikami: Artist : JAPAN.
2000|Present time, Professor of Media Art Lab at Tama Art University. 2006-2007,University Sabbatical at Berlin Germany. Most of works are interactive media art installations incorporating human perception, eye tracking project "molecular Informatics" at Canon ARTLAB (Tokyo 1996), About acoustic sense and the living body sound at NTT Intercommunication Center's permanent correction (Tokyo 1997), "gravicells" on the theme of the gravity called the 6th consciousness in Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (Japan 2004-) Corroborated with Sota Ichikawa. Seiko Mikami’s works were show at DEAF (Holland 1995,1996,2004), EXIT and VIA festival iFrance1998,2005,2009, Miro Museum (Spain1999),Musee des Beaux Arts de Nantes (Nante France 2000), transmediale (Berlin Germany 2002,2005) , SHARE FESTIVAL (Torino, Italy 2005) ,Ars Electronica (Linz Austria 2050,2025), ICC (Tokyo Japan 2005, 2008-2009) , OOH Festival( Gijon Spain 2006), MoiMulti (Quebec Canada 2007). CanaryIslands,ELtanque (Spain 2007). "Desire of Codes" at Kulturhuset (Stockholm,Sweden 2006) ,TESLA Berlin and transmediale07 (Germany 2007), Velocity UK(2008): Solo Exhibition at YCAM/ Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media (JAPAN2010).Dortmund Center for Art and Creativity "TRUST" and "ISEA2010 RUHR(Garmany2010), Kuenstlerhaus Vienna  "SPACE INVENTIONS" - on artificial spaces (Austria2010). National Art Museum of China/NAMOC "TransLife"(China 2011). EyeTracking Informatics(YCAM and ICC Japan 2011-2012),Daejeon Museum of Art&Seoul Museum of Art(Korea,2012), Lentos Museum(Austria 2012).Published "Seiko Mikami Art works" at Diputacion Provincial De Malaga, Spain (2004). The 16th Japan Media Arts Festival [Excellence Award] The National Art Center (Tokyo 2013).

[Shows Biography -selected]
2013: "Artists as catalysts" AlhóndigaBilbao BILBAO SPAIN, July4- Sep 8

2013:" Exhibition of Award-winning Works of the 16th Japan Media Arts Festival [Excellence Award] ", The National Art Center,Tokyo. 13-24 Feb
2012: Featured Artist | Ars Electronica Festival 2012, Lentos Museum, Linz Austria, Aug30-Sep30
2012: "Energy", Daejeon Museum of Art (DMA), Daejeon Korea, Sep12 - Nov18
2012: ”Media City Seoul 2012”, Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) ,Seoul Korea, Sep11 - Nov4

2011-2012: "Eye Tracking Informatics - two participants version ", YCAM/Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media, Dec - March
2011: "Eye Tracking Informatics at MovieTheater" InterCommmunication Center[ICC], Tokyo, Dec

2011 "Desire of Codes" InterCommmunication Center[ICC], Tokyo, 22 Oct - 18 Dec
2011: National Art Museum of China/NAMOC "TransLife"Beijing, China July 27 – August 17
2010: Kuenstlerhaus Vienna  "SPACE INVENTIONS" - on artificial spaces, Austria,Aug-Sep
2010: Dortmund Center for Art and Creativity "TRUST" and "ISEA2010 RUHR",Germany July-Sep
2010: Solo Exhibition at YCAM/Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media "Desire of Codes",March-June

2009: EXITand VIA, festival international" Maison des Arts CRETEIL/Le Manege  Maubeuge, France, Mar-April
2008-2009: gOpen Space 2008h NTT/ICC InterCommunication Center 1 year exhibition, April- Mar:
2008: gART&TECHNOLOGY Workshoph St. Petersburg Art & Science Center, Russia. Aug-Sep
2007: "Creative Industries and Art" Conference Berlin Germany, Sep

2007: "Shanghai eArts Festival" Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Shanghai China,Oct
2007: "Dock Museum" Barrow in Furness "Velocity Festival of Digital Culture UK" ,Oct - Nov
2007: "Creative Industries and Art" Conference Berlin Germany, Sep
2007: CanaryIslands_exhibition at ELtanque, April-Aug
2007: CIANT "Media Art" presentation Prague Czech Republic, Feb
2007: Mois Multi February 22- March 7 ,Quebec Canada
2007: " Desire of Codes" at open studio2 at TESLA Berlin and transmediale.07- unfinish! 18 Jan to 3rd Feb.

2006: TESLA "Art&Science" presentation Berlin Germany, Sep
2006: OOH Festival 2006 at Gijon Spain.
2005-2006: "desire of codes" Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden, exhibition:"CONTENTh.
2005: Japanese postwar art and technology. ICC/Intercommunication center, TOKYO.
2005: Ars Electoronica 05 Linz. Austria.
2005: "SHARE FESTIVALg international new media art festival. TORINO, ITARY.
2005: "BASICgtransmediale.05international media art festival BERLIN, GERMANY.
2004: "Affective Turbulence",DEAF04, Dutch Electronic Art Festival,Rotterdam, Holland.
2004: "Gravity and Resistance uer2.0. YCAM/Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media.
2003: "Gravity and Resistance uer1.0h NTT Inter Communication Center, Tokyo, JAPAN.
          All of Gravity and Resistance project are collaborated with Sota Ichikawa (Architect),
2002: "transmediale, International Media Art Festival Berlin", Berlin, GERMANY.
2001: "Insight Vision", Tama Art University Media Center, Tokyo, Japan.
2000: "Vision Machine", Musee des Beaux Arts de Nantes, Nantes, FRANCE.
1999: "Singular Electric's" Fandacio Joan Miro, Centre d'Estudis d'Art Comtemporani, Miro Museum, Barcelona, SPAIN.

1998: "EXIT, festival international" Maison des Arts CRETEIL, France.
       : "via98, festival international" Le Manege / Maubeuge France.

       : "The Art of the Accident" DEAF98 Dutch Electronic Art Festival, V2_Organisatie, Rotterdam, Holland.
1997: "World, Membrane and dismembered body" Permanent Correction of NTT Inter Communication Center, Tokyo, 

1996: "Molecular Informatics-morphogenic substance via eye tracking" Premiere Version,
          Canon ARTLAB's sixth project at Hillside Plaza, Tokyo.

1996  : "Digital Territoryh DEAF96, Dutch Electronic Art Festival V2_Organisatie, Rotterdam, Holland.

1996: "Urban Structures" Kulturreferat Munich, Munich, Germany.
1995: "Molecular Clinic1.1", INTERNET Project, Tokyo.
       :"Art Labyrinth-A viewpoint to Japanese Contemporary Art", Okayama Perceptual Museum of Art.
        :"Japan Today" Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, DENMARK, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Vienna
          MAK- Austrian Museum of Applied Arts.
        :"After HIROSHIMA - Message from Contemporary Art", Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan.
        :"IC'95 on the web", INTERNET Project,NTT pre Inter Communication Center, Tokyo, JAPAN.
        : gInterfacing Realities "DEAF95 Dutch Electronic Art Festival, V2_Organisatie, Rotterdam, Holland.
1994:"Transfer" Galerie Hubert Winter, VIENNA.
        :"Natural unnatural" T'Z Art Gallery, New York.
        :"5 kind of Noise" UNITN Projecktraun, VIENNA.
1993:"Curatorfs EYE from Isako Kumagai" Gallery NW House, Tokyo
        :hICONOCLASM" Rontgen Kunst Institut, Tokyo.
        :"Breaching Containment" Gallery Three Zero, New York.
        :"Extracts" Islip Art Museum, NY State.
1992:"World Membrane 1", P3 art and environment, Tokyo.
        :"World Membrane 2", Art SPACE, SYDNEY.
        :"Art in the Anchorage 92" Creative Time, New York.
        :"Out of Town" Krannert Art Museum University of Illinois, U.S.A.
1990:"Information Weapons: Super Clean Room", Toyoko Earth Environment Lab, Japan.

        :"Media Bombs" Art Forum Yanaka, Tokyo.
        :"Pulse BEATS" P3 art and environment, Tokyo.
1989:"Outside the Clock beyond Good and Elvis", curator by Robert Longo, Scott Hanson Gallery, New York
        :"Techno-Metaphysics" Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York.
1987 : Theater performance "BARICADE" with Norimizu Ameya (director of Theater company)
1986: "Cross Section of Cable Neuron System", Iikura Atlantic Underground Shelter, Tokyo.

1985:"New Formation of Decline", Former Beer Ebisu Factory Abandoned Lab, Tokyo.

1984: participated. In Num Jun Paik PerformanceiGallery Watarij,Tokyo.

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