Seiko Mikami "Desire of Codes "

Ycam/Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media 2010 and ICC/InterCommunication Center 2011


This work expresses the Information-oriented society of ambiguous boundaries between "Data Body in the virtual world" and "physical body in the real world".

This interactive installation in three configurations to expand.
Ninety structures resembling tentacles with built-in small surveillance cameras are placed across a white wallmNinety Wriggling Wall Unitsn, while six robotic search arms equipped with video cameras and laser projectors are suspended from the ceiling [Six Multi-perspective Search Arms]. Each device senses observe and follow as mosquito movements the positions and movements of visitors, and turns toward detected persons in order to observe their actions. In addition 4.7m round-shaped projection screen that looks like an insect’ s compound eye which installed in the back of the exhibition spacemCompound Eye Detector Screenn.

Ninety Wriggling Wall Units

Ninety devices are exhaustively distributed across 14m × 4.5m wall. As soon as a visitor enters the area in front of the wall, the devices’ heads start blinking, and all together they move in the respective visitor’s direction like an insect’s tentacles. Highly sensitive cameras (0.00003lux) and microphones able to detect motion and sound beyond human perception record the visitor’s action, and send the recorded images and sounds together with the data collected in this work’s integrated database, from where they are eventually transmitted to [Compound Eye Detector Screen].

Six Multi Perspective Search Arms

Six robotic search arms resembling tentacles as an insect are suspended from the ceiling. Video cameras and small laser projectors mounted onto the ends of these arms follow and record the movements of approaching visitors, and simultaneously project the recorded images. Through the looped feedback resulting from the search arms endlessly repeated input “recording” and output “projecting”, the visitor perceives reality as a repetition of voids.
Data of the search arms operation are stored in the Desire of Codes database that controls the operation of the work as a whole, and are ultimately reflected in the installation’s light and sound.


Compound Eye Detector Screen

Desire of Codes” database built from images of the exhibition venue, such as visitors’ skin, eyes, hair, bags, are recorded in real-time by the devices on the wall. These images also recoded some seconds, some hours, and some month ago, and ultimately projected in complex images mixing elements of past and present onto the screen.
Additionally surveillance images recorded at public places around the world, such as airports, parks, hallways or crowded streets, etc, and images in this database are separated and transferred to 4.7M round-shaped screen as an insect’s compound eye resembling where they mix in every single one of the 61 hexagonal facets that make up the screen.
 Looking at the constantly changing projected scenery with its shifting time axes, the visitor feels as if watching a segmentalized dream or memories stored in the brain, and discovers the desires that are automatically generated through the act of monitoring. This [Compound Eye Detector Screen] visualizes a new reality in which fragmentary aspects of space and time are recombined, while the visitor’s position as a subject of expression and surveillance at once indicates the new appearances of human corporeality and desire.



Speaking audience in the installation space through the sound generated from machinery and noise and work has been collected by ultra-direct ional microphone. It also extracts the information is analyzed and the time series of sound pressure and sound frequency.
[Ninety Wriggles Wall Units] sound from the data is recorded and the angle of the mobile units of the sensor response of 15 columns each. Search arms are the sound from the data is recorded in the angle of the cylinder length and step motor. Compound eyes is the sound recorded from the database in real-time information such as what each monocular view. At the same time, the current situation as a trigger, and recall the sound of the past from database accumulated so far, creating a new sound space.

Detect program for Desire of Codes database
In this installation the monitor that detect program for Desire of Codes database can see space.
Detect program for Desire of Codes database
In this installation the monitor that detect program for Desire of Codes database can see space.
:::Indicators of the left-side cornerFUpper and lower 15 horizontal lines are directly related in camera mounted 15 structures of " the wriggle wall” and displayed in the visitor position and movement are reacting right now
:::The right side bar in this diagramFExpressed in the video camera sources of“ detected compound eyes screen”
:::Gray: Images of the Past
:::Light Gray : WEB surveillance camera images of the world wide in real time
:::Dark gray : The facial image recognition
:::Black : Real-time images at this installation
:::Blue : Movement of the line that displays images in the camera is currently recording visitors where front of “ the wriggle wall”
:::White vertical lines running from side to side on the bar is detect the database and these are as the program manager of "Desire of Codes" and divide the past and present, while across the image displayed on the“ compound eyes screen”.

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:Photo : Ryuichi Maruo, Yousuke Tsuchida, ICC