Seiko Mikami "Eye-Tracking Informatics"Intractive Installation :
two participants Premiere Version : YCAM/Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (Dec 2011- Msrch 2012
one participant Version : ICC/InterCommunication Center (Dec 2011)

 Based on the ideas of "observing the act of observation" and "consciously and unconsciously established lines of vision", this installation generates traces of two participants' respective lines of sight. The participants experience an almost "haptic" kind of communication based on their own visualized lines of sight in a three-dimensional virtual space. In this process, their respective lines of vision enact a complex, organic architectural construct that could be considered as "bio-architecture".

" Eye-Tracking Informatics” visualize the change of perspective as the optic nerve
In two people version, the optic nerve of the two overlap, the works were reminiscent of the eternal connection.
In addition, one person's version is exhibit in the movie theater to share with the audience the perspective of a person's eye-trace process.

In this remake, the implementation of the open-source project "The EyeWriter ver 2.0" made it possible to utilize eye control technology without wearing any device, and to navigate unrestrictedly within the naked eye's broad field of view. Thanks to the contributions of such noted Engineer and Artists as Takayuki Ito and Richi Owaki (YCAM InterLab), evala (sound) and Norimichi Hirakawa (program), elements of imagery, sound and interactivity of the *original work were updated to such an extent that this new version can be regarded as a completely new piece of art.
*Former version: "Molecular Informatics" 1996.


[eye-tracking system with chair]                                         

[View of process]

[Artist Drawing]


Photo:Ryuichi Maruo(ycam)