Akihiro Kubota Archives 1960.6.23-


Date Title Place Type Link
Introdiction to Code Composition(コード・コンポジション入門)[pdf]
[github repository]
Argorithmic/Code Poetry[github repository]
Sinusoids[github repository]
string quartet coded by ChucK[github repository]
20世紀コンピュータ・アートの軌跡と展望[github repository]
A/B/C[google sheets]
A New Kind of Aesthetics —The Mathematical Structure of the Aesthetic[web]
Manifesto of Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics (Alternative Version)[github repository]
ARTSAT Project[web]
Natural Intelligence Research Group[web]
2000.9.9laptop DJ[~] x 01 by uppergood, tokyo
live performance
2001.10.9long versionnetWorkshop with !nk (trondheim)+aki (tokyo)+nik (amsterdam)+lucas (rotterdam)+gert (brussels)+andrey (minsk) by guy van belle, berlin[audio (43.2MB)]
short version - excerpt[audio (3.5MB)]
2001.10.09networkshop011009[audio (323MB)]
2001.11.6live performancebridge over troubled digits vol.1 by lovekana, tokyo[audio (37.8MB)]
2001011106Track1-6 STELLAPHONE Track7 KUBOTA[audio (26MB)]
[audio (34MB)]
[audio (44MB)]
[audio (46MB)]
[audio (29MB)]
[audio (52MB)]
[audio (404MB)]
2002ISEA2002movies[video (267.3MB)]
[small (146.5MB)]
ISEA2002[video (337.3MB)]
ISEA2002 mpeg4[video (208.5MB)]
[video (334.9MB)]
ISEA2002[video (36.7MB)]
[video (631.1MB)]
studywav ISO9660[audio (116.5MB)]
[audio (100.4MB)]
[video (265MB)]
[video (146MB)]
autonomous[video (242MB)]
[video (353MB)]
2002.3.31live performance part 1[~] x 02 by uppergood, tokyo[audio (6.1MB)]
live performance part 2[audio (5.0MB)]
live performance part 3[audio (6.2MB)]
live performance part 4[audio (5.5MB)]
2003.03.30LTJQ030330 audioorg[audio (273MB)]
2003.03.30LTJQ030330audio 4[audio (410MB)]
2003.03.30Audio H frequency Elephants org@たまがわ 2003.3.30[audio (40.1MB)]
[audio (8.5MB)]
[audio (14.1MB)]
[audio (41.5MB)]
[audio (42.8MB)]
[audio (27.1MB)]
[audio (27.4MB)]
[audio (31.2MB)]
2003.03.30kubota 4 203.3.30@たまがわ[audio (410MB)]
2003.3.30laptop jazz quartet with atsushi yamaji + atsushi tadokoro + keiichi nakanolive performance at [~] x 03 by uppergood, tokyo[audio (33.5MB)]
so·ci·e·ty of al·go·rithm : live performance by guy van belle + akihiro kubotaisea 2002 nagoya performance
accumulations #5micro-algorithmic-polyphony by stochastic additive synthesis : Sinusoids[audio (9.0MB)]
intermittence #1[audio (5.4MB)]
intermittence #4[audio (5.3MB)]
segments #3[audio (0.9MB)]
composites #5[audio (9.2MB)]
hamazaki ayumi 100% pure algorithmic remixies 1 : frequencies[audio(4.1MB)]
hitomi[audio (5.3MB)]
MAX[audio (3.6MB)]
shiina ringo[audio (2.7MB)]
utada hikaru[audio (4.4MB)]
hamazaki ayumi+hitomi+MAX+shiina ringo+utada hikaru100% pure algorithmic remixies 2 : metatube[audio (2.8MB)]
anthony braxton[audio (10.7MB)]
MP3q track 06 + click also track 03 (constel.rmix)multi-mix algorithmic remixies : rbot by atau tanaka
2003.4.18 17:00-20:00The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA in tama art universityat design gallery, hachioji campus of tama art university, tokyo
2003.04.20PDpatches030420forSWO 206MB[PD, ProgramFiles (206MB)]
2003.06.24STUDY1.2 06242003[video (146MB)]
[video (265MB)]
2003.7.11-9.28material AV - resonant interfaceSounding Spaces - 9 Sound Installations at NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], tokyo[photo1]
[sound (7.0MB)]
[streaming (50.6MB)]
materialAVmovie[video (142MB)]
[video (50.3MB)]
soundingspaces materialAV1.2[PD, ProgramFiles (4.8MB)]
soundingspacewav030701almostfinal[PD, ProgramFiles (117.8MB)]
RESO - light(simplified) version, patches for Pd
summer2001SONORITY #1 from arret-arret recordings[audio (4.0MB)]
prognosticqueurs[audio (3.9MB)]
dropsical qualified[audio (4.1MB)]
scattered vertical[audio (3.8MB)]
swirling horizon[audio (4.0MB)]
relapsing fever - bonus track, original mix[audio (5.6MB)]
2003.09.07laptop jazz quartet with atsushi yamaji + atsushi tadokoro + keiichi nakanolive performance at [~] x 04 by uppergood, tokyo (30.2MB)
2003.09.07aiff data evenins for@たまがわ030907 akihiro kubota LapTopJazzQuartetto[audio (262.2MB)]
[audio (13.6MB)]
2003.10.12031012 disk1 tamabiWS[audio (64.1MB)]
[audio (64.1MB)]
[audio (97MB)]
[audio (97MB)]
[audio (112.7MB)]
[audio (112.7MB)]
2003.10.12031012 disk2 tamabiWS[audio (254.1MB)]
[audio (254.1MB)]
2003.10.12031012 disk3 tamabiWS[audio (169.8MB)]
[audio (169.8MB)]
[audio (96.7MB)]
[audio (96.7MB)]
2003.10.12031012 disk4 Tokui miconly tamabiWS[audio (616.6MB)]
2003.10.12031012 disk5 Tokui lineonly[audio (616.6MB)]
2003.10.13live performanceopen sound workshop by idd@tamabi, inter-university seminar house, tokyo (8.0MB)
2003.11.03live coding solo performanceslive performance at ,pond' by uppergood, mixed media, shizuoka (33.6MB)
2003.11.03AIFF 20031103 pond kubota live line[audio (651.9MB)]
2003.12.27031227 uplink
2003.12.27031227 uplink movie[video (69.4MB)]
[video (69.9MB)]
[video (2.53GB)]
[video (80.5MB)]
2003STUDY1[video (10.4MB)]
[video (919KB)]
[video (153.1MB)]
[video (253.6MB)]
2003study2[video (277.5MB)]
[video (369.7MB)]
2003AIFF 20031103 pond kubota live mic[audio (651.9MB)]
[Photo (4.4 MB)]
2003ko-kin1 maxmsp[max/msp, jitter patches (2.7MB)]
2003Hifrequency elephantsorg AudioReport2003 ver1.3[audio (39.1MB)]
[audio (57.5MB)]
[audio (21.9MB)]
[audio (35.3MB)]
[audio (32.2MB)]
[audio (72.4MB)]
[audio (53.9MB)]
[audio (21.9MB)]
2004.02.06LOVESONGS 20040206 MAU+TAU[audio (230.2MB)]
[audio (226.4MB)]
[audio (114.2MB)]
[audio (114.3MB)]
2004BrakhageScoreMovie[video (28.2MB)]
[video (78.8MB)]
[video (802.9MB)]
[video (783.4MB)]
[video (104.4MB)]
[video (129.7MB)]
[video (113.3MB)]
2004.02.27TAU+MAU040227[video (3.26GB)]
2004.02.27040227 brakhage[audio (254.8MB)]
[audio (211.3MB)]
[audio (267.1MB)]
2004.3.28laptop jazz quartet-1 with atsushi tadokoro + keiichi nakanolive performance at [~] x 05 by uppergood, tokyo[audio (41.4MB)]
2004.080408ambient[audio, max/msp patches (1.88GB)]
2004.9.5laptop jazz quartet with atsushi yamaji + atsushi tadokoro + keiichi nakanolive performance with speakerhorn at [~] x 06 by uppergood, tokyo[audio (11.7MB)]
[auido (28.9MB)]
pbnsnu:2003-04/sonic films[audio]
2004.09.12040912 lecture[max/msp patches (482MB)]
2004.10.13ICC041013[audio (135.3MB)]
[audio (12.3MB)]
[audio (147.3MB)]
[large (105MB)]
[small (72.2 MB)]
2004.10.13speakerhorn sololive performance at icc|sig_sound, tokyo
2004.01.18pond mov 2004Jan18[video (42MB)]
[video (39MB)]
[Realmedia (39MB)]
2005.2.24wysiwyh (what you see is what you hear) live av performanceunknown mix returns vol.2 with atsushi sasaki, uplink factory, tokyo[large (61.8MB)]
[small (14.5MB)]
live coding performance[large (73.4MB)]
[small (17.2MB)]
livecoding 050224
wysiwyh 050224[video (140KB)]
[iMovieProject ]
live cording 050224[video (166KB)]
[iMovieProject ]
2005.3.15laptop orchestra session 5,with lily Sebasthan Mackenlow [voice], Shigehiro Tsubota [percussion] & laptops by Akihiro Kubota, Daito Manabe, Vokoi, Anagma, Satoshi, Xasdera, Kanta Horio, Phhat, Yukitomo Hamasaki, superdeluxe, tokyo
2005bend++BendingFestivalDVD Ver0.5.5 004[video (4.32GB)]
2005.06.15sinusoids 050615 ambient
2005.06.20sinusoids 050620[audio (578.8MB)]
2005.06.21sinusoids050621[audio (705.6MB)]
2005TadashiTakahashi QT DV-NTSC 720480[video (2.18GB)]
[iMovieProject (166KB)]
2005.8.5live coding demo[video (119.7MB)]
[audio (82.5MB)]
2005.11.7-11the society of algorithm: akihiro kubota and mxhz.org/xgzokno / .x-med-k. - workshop algorithms applied to audio-visual art
2005sinusoids.mp3[audio (9.3MB)]
[audio (6.3MB)]
[audio (6.3MB)]
[audio (6.2MB)]
[audio (9.4MB)]
[audio (28.6MB)]
[audio (9.6MB)]
[audio (9.6MB)]
[audio (9.7MB)]
[audio (9.7MB)]
[audio (9.6MB)]
[audio (9.7MB)]
[audio (9.6MB)]
[audio (9.6MB)]
[audio (9.6MB)]
[audio (5.7MB)]
[audio (22.4 MB)]
[audio (22.4MB)]
[audio 5.6MB)]
[audio (22.5MB)]
[audio (23.8MB)]
[audio (24.1MB)]
[audio 982KB)]
[audio (980KB)]
[audio (4.8MB)]
[audio (993KB)]
[audio (9.6MB)]
[audio (9.6MB)]
[audio (113.8MB)]
2005SINUSOIDS a.k.[audio (705.6MB)]
2005sinusoids fragments[audio (102.8MB)]
[audio (69.6MB)]
[audio (69.6MB)]
[audio (68.1MB)]
[audio (104MB)]
[audio (314.9MB)]
[audio (105.8MB)]
[audio (105.5MB)]
[audio (106.6MB)]
[audio (106.5MB)]
[audio (105.4MB)]
[audio (106.4MB)]
[audio (106.2 MB)]
[audio (106.2MB)]
[audio (106.2MB)]
[audio (62.3MB)]
[audio (247.1MB)]
[audio (246.5MB)]
[audio (61.8MB)]
[audio (247.6MB)]
[audio (262.3MB)]
[audio (265.5MB)]
[audio (10.8MB)]
[audio (10.8MB)]
[audio (53.2MB)]
[audio (10.9MB)]
[audio (106.2MB)]
[audio (106.2MB)]
2005sinusoids mp3[audio (9.3MB)]
[audio (6.3MB)]
[audio (6.3MB)]
[audio ( 6.2MB)]
[audio (9.4MB)]
[audio (28.6MB)]
[audio ( 9.6MB)]
[audio ( 9.6MB)]
[audio ( 9.7MB)]
[audio ( 9.7MB)]
[audio ( 9.6MB)]
[audio ( 9.7MB)]
[audio ( 9.6MB)]
[audio ( 9.6MB)]
[audio ( 9.6MB)]
[audio (5.7MB)]
[audio ( 22.4MB)]
[audio (5.6MB)]
[audio (5.6MB)]
[audio (22.5MB)]
[audio (23.8MB)]
[audio (24.1 MB)]
[audio (982KB)]
[audio (980KB)]
[audio (4.8MB)]
[audio (993KB)]
[audio (9.6MB)]
[audio (9.6MB)]
[audio (109MB)]
2006.03.26AIFF AKLTJQ060326 soundpicnic[photo (71.6MB)]
[audio (279MB)]
[audio (279MB)]
2006.3.26laptop jazz quartet with atsushi yamaji + atsushi tadokoro + keiichi nakanolive performance at [~] by uppergood, tokyo[audio (36.4MB)]
2006.5.29laptop jazz quartet with atsushi yamaji + atsushi tadokoro + keiichi nakanolive performance at enban, tokyo[audio (36.5MB)]
2006.6.7connected spaces (live coding performance using VP3L) with satoru higaclub nime II program at nime 2006, paris[video (94.9MB)]
2006.6.23laptop orchestra organized by philippe chatelain1[000] breath[s] with laptop orchestra with Ko Ishikawa (sho) at Harajuku Protestant Church, tokyo
society of algorithm 2006 with GIVAN BELA and ISJTARnet music at sonambiente berlin 2006
2006.7.19laptop jazz quartet with atsushi yamaji + atsushi tadokoro + keiichi nakanolive performance at enban, tokyo[audio (44.4MB)]
2006.9.25akihiro kubota laptop solo"WYSIWYH: what you see is what you hear" performance at enban, tokyo[video1]
2006.10.05networked code jockey trio with koichiro mori + takanobu inafukubend++ 2006 at super deluxe, tokyo [video (132.2MB)]
2006.11.30-12.2laptop orchestra organized by philippe chatelain2[000] breath[s] with laptop orchestra with Ko Ishikawa (sho) and Sangah Nahm (voice/guitar) at YONSEI UNIVERSITY/MYOUNG WALL GWAN/Stereo, seoul
2007.4.2laptop jazz quartet-1 with atsushi tadokoro + keiichi nakanolive performance at enban, tokyo[audio (33.0MB)]
2007.4.21laptop jazz quartet-1 with atsushi yamaji + atsushi tadokorolive performance at Sonorities Festival 2007, belfast [audio (22.9MB)]
[video (216.0MB)]
2007.7.3Tone Blues with Ryuta Kawabata + Takmi Iqeda + Toshihiko Kajiilive performance at test tone vol.25, tokyo [audio (56.8MB)]
[H.264 movie (179.4MB)]
2007.7.6The Cellular Automaton Band with sota ichikawalive performance at Insight Vision II @ tamabi, tokyo [sideA (15.2MB)]
[sideB (15.2MB)]
laptop jazz quartet-1 with atsushi tadokoro + keiichi nakano(ds)[video (27.6MB)]
2007.10.13The Cellular Automaton Band with sota ichikawalive performance at "Corpora in Si(gh)te" laptop sound concert @ YCAM, yamaguchi [sideA (112.4MB)]
[sideB (148.7MB)]
Sonic Melting Pot #2A prehistory of live coding' TopLap CD 1 [shop][audio (5.0MB)]
2007.9.28The Cellular Automaton Band with sota ichikawafirst live performance @ Tama Art University, tokyo[audio]
2008.1.17BBO 2008 - The Big Birtday Opera 2008 at EBU Art's Birthday 2008networked live concert from bratislava, tokyo-brussels-bratislava
2008.2.29dj sniff + akihiro kubota duoSTEIM Live in Tokyo at super deluxe, tokyo[audio (13.5MB)]
akira sakata + robert van heumend + akihiro kubota trio[audio (16.4MB)]
2008.5.29christophe charles + akihiro kubota duoMedia Art Festival in ECC at ewha womans university, seoul[audio]
akihiro kubota guitar solo with laser show[photo]
2008.8.12akihiro kubota guitar solo (18.6MB)Sound Event at Myonichikan by TWOLINES, tokyo[audio (18.6MB)]
2008.10.11akihiro kubota guitar soloSolo Concert at ZAIM by Sound & Vision vol.3, yokohama[audio (15.8MB)]
[video1 (4.4MB)]
[video2 (7.5MB)]
[video3 (6.2MB)]
[video4 (16.7MB)]
2008.11.1 - 2009.2.8"Pure Phi" - Abstract Painterly InterfaceInteractive Installation at Minimum Interface by YCAM, yamaguchi[photo]
2008.11.29laptop jazz quartet-1 with atsushi tadokoro + keiichi nakanolive performance at eM SEVEN, tokyo[audio (18.1MB)]
2008.12.13Tone Blues with Ryuta Kawabata + Takmi Iqeda + Toshihiko Kajiilive performance at Lab bit room 7, bullet's, tokyo[#1]
2008.12.14Tomomi Adachi + Akihiro Kubota + Tatsuhisa Yamamoto Sessionlive performance at Lady Jane, tokyo[duo #1]
[duo #2]
[duo #3]
2009.5.6PPGP: Prepared & Processed Guitar Performancealgorithmic free improvisation at Culture Lab, newcastle[audio (42.4MB)]
2009.8.12Original Breadboard Guitar performancesolo improvisation at enban, tokyo[audio (41.7MB)]
2009.9.17Wisdom Teeth Removalfield recording at tokyo metropolitan fuchu hospital, tokyo[audio (37.9MB)]
2009.11.23Breadboard Guitar Improvisationmake tokyo meeting 04, tokyo[photos]
2010.1.10Breadboard Guitar Improvisationsolo/duo at Enban Jamboree, tokyo[audio (37.4MB)]
2010.2.8Guitar Duo Improvisation with Ryuta Kawabataduo at GOK SOUND, tokyo[audio (63.9MB)]
2010.9.5Breadboard Guitar Improvisationsolo at soup, tokyo [audio (16.1MB)]
[video (301MB)]
2010.12.11Breadboard Guitar ImprovisationKazuhiro Ishigami's sculpture exhibition at rojitohito, tokyo[video - part1 (182.4MB)]
[video - part2 (189.5MB)]
Breadboard Guitar Improvisation with Experiments in the Revival of Organismssolo at Concert of my Teachers, Kaminoge Campus, Tama Art University, tokyo[audio (20.4MB)]
[video (265.9MB)]
PRADA YO VIDEO! PROJECTMusic of Morning Light by Stephen Purcell
2011.7.2Guitar Duo Improvisation with Ryuta KawabataLive vol.2 at [pool], tokyo[video (178.3MB)]
[audio (23.8MB)]
Guitar Duo Improvisation with Ryuta Kawabata[part1-1 (19.3MB)]
[part1-2 (13.7MB)]
2016.5.8Live Coding Cosmic Sound Poetry using TidalTamabi Sound Experimental Lab, Hachioji Music Festival, tokyo[video]
[audio (mic)]
[audio (line)]
2016.7.15Live Coding Cosmic Sound PoetryDADA in Space, Institut français du Japon. tokyo[video]
demo[audio (45MB)]
[audio (46MB)]
[audio (43MB)]
[audio (43MB)]
[audio (45MB)]
[audio (46MB)]
[audio (59MB)]
[audio (41MB)]
[audio (31MB)]
[audio (31MB)]
[audio (62MB)]
DEMO[audio (64MB)]
[audio (62MB)]
[audio (97MB)]
[audio (97MB)]
[audio (7MB)]
[audio (121MB)]
[audio (73MB)]
[audio (78MB)]
[audio (35MB)]
[audio (2MB)]
[audio (7MB)]
[audio (7MB)]
[audio (6MB)]
akihiro kubota demo[audio (46MB)]
[audio (46MB)]
[audio (44MB)]
[audio (43MB)]
[audio (45MB)]
[audio (46MB)]
[audio (59MB)]
[audio (41MB)]
[audio (31MB)]
[audio (49MB)]
[audio (19MB)]
[audio (32MB)]
[audio (119MB)]
[audio (62MB)]