Schools and Programmes

IDD (Tama Art University Graduate School, Information Design Department) is one of the few graduate schools in the world that offer the possibility to conduct research and creation beyond the borders of art and design. There are two research programs and five distinct research groups, with a Master’s Course and a Doctoral Course.
Our research and creative activities are not limited to the domains of art and design, but explore the expressive possibilities in the intersections with other fields such as engineering, anthropology, sociology, cognitive science, and linguistics as well. We also experiment with leading-edge technologies and discover novel ways to utilize existing technologies in order to open up new vistas for art.

Many of our faculty members are active overseas, and although classes are in principle conducted in Japanese, we also provide support in English and Chinese as necessary.

Master’s CourseInteraction Design Program

The program consists of two research groups that focus on UI, UX, service design, social design, media design, visual language, information graphics, data visualization, etc.

I-1: Experience Design Research Group

We have been the leaders of Experience Design in Japan for many years. In this research group we consider the users’ and customers’ point of view, and investigate and practice ways of designing products and systems that promote mutual empathy and provide a rich and comfortable experience.

Main Areas
  • UI
  • UX
  • HCI
  • Information Architecture
  • Service Design
  • Workshop Design

I-2: Media Design Research Group

We are breaking new ground for designs for support and communication based on technology and information graphics. We also focus on research and construction of next-generation media.

Main Areas
  • Media Design
  • Information Visualization
  • Visual Language
  • Art Books
  • Educational Support
  • Gamification
  • AR
  • VR
  • IoT
  • AI

Master’s CourseArt and Media Program

The program is divided into three research groups practicing media art, installation art, audiovisual art, video, photography, CG and other forms of media expressions.

I-3: Sound & Media Art Research Group

We are pursuing research and creating works in various forms and using various approaches such as installations, codes and algorithms that combine different types of media. We also explore bio media-based post-interaction, and sound art for the age of generative media.

Main Areas
  • Media Art
  • Sound Art
  • Bio Art
  • Software Art

I-4: Photography and Video – Memory Creation Research Group

With image anthropology as the foundation and using photography, video, acoustics and other image creation techniques, we study “representations of memory and space” that are not limited to visual expressions.

Main Areas
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Audiovisual Installations

I-5: Future Cinema and Installation Research Group

We examine the future of CG, games, anime, manga, installation art and other types of media art in Japan, and explore ways to make the field more mature.

Main Areas
  • CG
  • Animation
  • Installation Art
  • Light Art


We provide work coaching and thesis guidance in each field, and offer advanced courses in information design and media art for a more profound knowledge of these areas. Our multifaceted curriculum also includes open subjects to broaden the field of view to other domains as well.

Compulsory Subjects

Design Research / Study Guidance

Lectures are presented in seminar form or group teaching form depending on the policies of each research group. Work research and creation guidance, and research report (M1) and Master’s thesis (M2) writing guidance is also provided. Works are evaluated twice annually at review meetings in September and January. In addition, there is a special workshop during the first term of M1 called “Presentation Work,” which marks the start of research and creation at the graduate school.

Common Elective Subjects

The Information Design Department offers an Advanced Course in Information Design (as part of the Master’s program) and an Advanced Course in Media Art (as part of the Doctoral program). A wide range of lectures in other areas are also available.

List of Elective Subjects

Doctoral Course

Launched in 2001, Tama Art University Graduate School’s doctoral course aims to train talented people with a broad outlook and comprehensive judgment skills, and conducts research and creation across the whole range of the university. Its primary feature is a balance of practical skills and theory to put art creation research and art theory research on a firm footing, unbound by any particular domains. Joint seminars with Master’s students are also held, forming an open space where the students can criticize and inspire each other.

Doctoral Course


For details of the entrance examination, please refer to the Tama Art University website.

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